Inktera is a specialized distribution solutions provider that connects publishers with leading brands and their consumers.

We leverage digital content to deliver audiences to publishers, engagement to brands and desirable content to consumers via our Enterprise App Platform for Brands & our Marketing Programs for Publishers.

  • Acquire Customers

    We make their customers your customers. Brands have consumer loyalty. Publishers have great content. We bring brands and publishers together to create new markets and new ways to drive business.

  • Reinforce Branding

    Control your content and brand. Make sure you are front and center each and every time your customers go to buy and access digital content on their devices.

  • Generate Revenue

    Generate recurring revenue streams by selling digital content from a comprehensive catalog of ebooks and audiobooks from today’s top publishers.

  • Engage Customers

    Turn one-time purchases into lasting relationships in the same way Apple, Google and Amazon utilize content sales to own customer engagement.

  • Platform Features

    Inktera’s turn-key platform provides a rich set of features that power sales of digital content to your customers. An app built on Inktera requires no technical integration—pre-launch activities focus on merchandising and marketing, making launch efficient and affordable.

  • Real-time Insight

    Unlike other digital retailers, we empower brands & publishers with real-time data and insight for better business decision-making.

  • Customizable Catalog

    Our 1.5M book catalog can be tailored to the specific needs of your target audiences, allowing unique app-specific content, video, and more.

  • Embedded HTML5 & Flexible CSS

    Modify the CSS & mix custom HTML5 pages to seamlessly integrate your brand experience with our content and catalog.

  • Global Payment Processing

    We handle all aspects of secure payment processing, tax calculation, and remittance in 150 countries & 56 currencies—go global right out of the gate.

  • Territory & Digital Rights

    Automatically manage territory restrictions and deliver protected content using custom or industry standard DRM around the world.

  • In-app Purchasing & Cloud-Based Library

    In-app purchasing in Apple and Android, plus cloud-sync allows customers to access their content on any device from any connected location through a single account.

  • Robust Engagement Marketing

    Why message your customers when you can engage them? Real-time flash sales, segmented placement, redemption codes & more right in the app.