Getting Started

Getting Started

Welcome to the world of digital reading!!

Let’s get started.

Your User Account is where it all begins.

Once you have a User Account, all of your eBooks are kept in “the cloud”, tied to your User Account. You can access your titles at any time. You can also access them from up to six devices at the same time. We strongly suggest “The Easy Way” for purchasing and managing your eBooks.


“The Easy Way”

  1. Install the “Inktera” app on your smartphone or tablet
  2. The first time you open the app, Sign In with your Username and Password
  3. Find, Buy and Read your books!
    If you have any questions or need assistance, use the in-app “Help” button.


The “For Experts Only” Way

  1. Disclaimer: If you don’t already know how to do this, brace yourself. You will have to acquire and configure a number of elements that are supplied by different vendors, and configure them all in such a way that makes everything work. We put a lot of effort and investment in supplying an “Easy Way” for you to read books. But if you want to use “For Experts Only” methods, you’re going to have to make due with the instructions below, plus your own time and efforts, plus the Internet. Go get ‘em!!
  2. Install Adobe Digital Editions or use an Adobe-Compliant eReader
    • When on a Windows PC, install Adobe Digital Editions
    • When on a Mac computer, install Adobe Digital Editions
    • When on a Blackberry, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire or other mobile device, install the Aldiko app
    • When on a Nook, Sony eReader, Kobo or other Adobe-certified device, there’s nothing to install (just the Adobe activation, shown below)
    • When on a Kindle device (other than the Kindle Fire), you’re out of luck. Kindles don’t work with books that are purchased outside of itself.
  3. Activate the software or device with your Adobe User ID
    • When you created your Account, you may have specified that you had your own Adobe ID. If you did, that’s what you should use.
    • If you didn’t specify that you had your own Adobe ID, one was created for you. You can see what it is by navigating to the “Account Info” on the website, and finding the “Adobe ID” section.
    • Keep in mind that once an eBook is opened for the first time, it is FOREVER STAMPED with your Adobe ID, and will only open if your Adobe software is configured with the same Adobe ID.
  4. Go to this website and Sign In with your User Name and Password
  5. Navigate to the “My Library” page and select the eBook you want to read. You will see a “Download eBook” button.
  6. Depending on the specific title, you will either download one of several different file types.
    • an ACSM file, which can only be opened within an Adobe Digital Editions software. The Digital Editions software will use the ACSM file to download the DRM-encrypted ePub or PDF file
    • an ePub file, which can be opened by any ePub reader
    • a PDF file, which can be opened by any PDF reader
  7. Open and read your eBook